#VOTE : Minnesota Black Women Heard George Floyd's Cry "Mama" & Responded with Their Collective Political Power

Are Black Women the solution against racial inequality and social injustices that Black people face in the society? 

There is an adage that says," what a man can do, women can do better", which feminists always propagate when they try to highlight the value of womanhood. 

Black Minnesota women are responding to George Floyd's cry "Mama" before his death. The political game is set to change due to the impact of racism in Minnesota. 

There are over 40 African American candidates expected on the U.S, State, & Municipal Ballot.

According to MSR, Minnesota is making history because "this is the first time that an African-American woman ran for State senate" and there are four candidates. 

This partial list of Black women appearing on this year ballot in Minneapolis can be found on Black Women Rising Website .

Let's get to know our candidates better! 

Alberder Gillespie  Congress District 4-blackbloggersandcreators.com-influencer-minneapolis-bloggers-blog
Alberder Gillespie
Congress District 4

I am running because I felt what Dr. King called the "Fierce Urgency of Now." I am running because I understand there is such a thing as being too late, and if we fail to heed the urgency of the moment the results will be disastrous.

I am running because voters deserve an opportunity to elect a representative who will take "vigorous and positive action" to move our nation forward. As Dr. King said in 1963, "This is no time for apathy or complacency."  This still holds true in 2020. We deserve a representative who will speak truth to power and be a beacon of light in very dark places.

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Devonna Pittman  Hennepin County Commissioner  District 1-blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-blog-influencer
Devonna Pittman
Hennepin County Commissioner  District 1
I am running for Hennepin County Commissioner to reduce disparities, increase opportunities, and to make sure everyone in our community has a chance to thrive.

Growing up in the poorest suburb in America, I never imagined myself as someone who could achieve much of anything. The extreme poverty I faced everyday blinded my ability to dream and to imagine what life could be like if greater was possible. 
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Carmella Doby
Hennepin County Commissioner District 6
I'm running for Hennepin county commissioner in District 6 so that we can omprove the quality for all of our community members. 

There are many layers to who Carmella Doby is. I have experienced countless real world situations that have certified me in redirection, regrowth and resilience. 
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Aarica Coleman
Senate District 34

I'm Aarica Coleman (pronounced Erica) and I am running to represent the residents of Senate District 34, which encompasses the cities of Maple Grove, Dayton, Osseo, and Rogers.

I envision an equitable and transparent government that listens and follows through with action to achieve safe and healthy communities. I am passionate about listening to everyone in our community and getting the best outcomes for Senate District 34.

As State Senator for our community, I will work to ensure that our current residents have the opportunity to be successful and build a foundation that will provide future generations with the ability to reach their full potential. 
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Laverne McCartney Knighton
Senate District 65
I know the value of being connected to communities with different backgrounds. I am running to answer the call for many decades and centuries of real change. That's why I am running for this position because the time is now.

I will win this race with your desire and willingness to help me make transformational change. Volunteering, word-of-mouth outreach, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve a State Senate that is open to all of us.
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Lisa Neal DelGado
House District 59B 
Recent events have confirmed my priorities from my run 2 years ago. Criminal Justice Reform is vital which also must include Restorative Justice. Education Reform is a must! Our public schools were not properly funded even before COVID-19. Students in racially isolated schools are being left further behind and excluded from America’s Promise. 

Economic Development, is vital, especially when you look at the small businesses directly hit by COVID-19 and then ravaged by the riots. We have got to stabilize, rebuild, and grow, including the areas in my district that have been long neglected. Affordable healthcare for employees is a must. Many fear to become seriously ill or injured. Some have lost coverage through their employers, leading them to lose their life’s savings and their homes.
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Husniyah Dent Bradley
House District 63B
I am running for the State House 63B seat to represent my district at the state capitol. I am a Chemist, Lawyer, Advocate, Community Organizer, and Leader always looking for ways and opportunities to improve my district. I care deeply about everyone going through different life experiences and how the government responds to them. I will advocate for better transportation, the educational system, the environment, and other major issues that arise in the state. 

I will bring a progressive pro-choice voice to the state legislature and help construct laws that will help strengthen the state’s ability to provide an environment that helps the whole district. 

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Ruth Richardson
House District 52B
I am honored to be your state representative for district 52B, and I have enjoyed meeting many of you on the campaign trail and during my first year in office.

Already, I’ve discovered I have so much in common with my neighbors. Your worries are mine — from access to quality and affordable health care, to soaring college debt to strong and safe communities.

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Hodan Hassan  House District 62A-blackbloggersandcreators.com-blog-influencer-minneapolis
Hodan Hassan
House District 62A
Hodan Hassan is a candidate running for House of Representatives in our District 62A, one of the most diverse in the state. She is a single mom, an immigrant, a clinical social worker, a community activist and a first time candidate. She earned her master’s from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, and works currently as a Mental Health Clinician.

Her experiences as a Senior Clinical Social Worker for Hennepin County have deeply impacted her as a person and her desire to help expand access to mental health services and affordable housing, things that greatly impact the lives of residents in 62A and across the State.
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Janet Kitui   City Council - Edina-blackbloggersandcreators.com
My name is Janet Kitui, I’m a mom, grandmother, a state employee, and a longtime resident of Edina. My three daughters attended Edina Public Schools. I chose this community as the place to raise my family, and I am so proud to call Edina my home. I’m running for Edina City Council because I believe in a better way of leading: one where our city leaders work alongside the people in our community, helping to solve real problems that working families face each day.

Racial Equity
Improving racial equity can’t wait. Now is the time for action! Increasing the availability of affordable housing and providing high-quality education go hand-in-hand to improve racial equity and social justice.

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Temitayo Olasimbo  City Council - Woodbury-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Temitayo Olasimbo
City Council - Woodbury

I am running for Woodbury City Council because I am passionate about the people of Woodbury. I want to challenge us to live up to our mission of Woodbury as “a leading community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive”. I will bring a unique and diverse perspective to the city. Now more than ever, the need to work together for the greater good is imperative for the future of our community and its members.

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Annie Porbeni  Woodbury/Stillwater School Board - ISD 834-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Annie Porbeni
Woodbury/Stillwater School Board - ISD 834
I am motivated by hope and a vision that we can give to all children the very best of our world regardless of status, race or creed.
By our collective desire for excellence for our students, teachers, admin and community, we strive for a greater school district.

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Sharon Dumas El-Amin  Minneapolis School Board - D2-blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-blog-influencer
Sharon Dumas El-Amin
Minneapolis School Board - D2
I am running for School Board to be a voice for students, parents, staff, and the community within Minneapolis! My vision is for our Schools to be fully funded and a safe learning environment that provides the best experience for our youth from Pre-K through 12th Grade. We need to make sure our youth are ready for life beyond High School. 

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Lynne Crockett  Minneapolis School Board - At large-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Lynne Crockett
Minneapolis School Board - At large
Lynne Crockett is building a better community through education and empowering families. She fights tirelessly to advocate the needs of Minneapolis students, families, and community. Vote for Lynne Crockett for community voice on the board of education.

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 Sheila Webb City Council - Robbinsdale-blackbloggersandcreators.com
My goal is for Robbinsdale to become an anti-racist community that is welcoming to everyone: homeowners, renters, business owners, workers, students.

We need all of Robbinsdale to feel included in our city. People who don’t feel part of a community will not invest there; that means our city loses culture, knowledge, resources, and networks.When inclusion is supported, alliances have forged that result in positive growth for the entire city.

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Ruthie Dallas  School Board - Brooklyn Center-blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-blogger-influencer
I want to ensure that we are preparing all of our students for success regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual preference, income status, or disability in Brooklyn Center changing community and throughout the world. My forefathers fought for us to have a decent education and to be successful. Therefore, I feel compelled to advocate for the rights of all students of these current and future generations.

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Learn more on MNDHS

Michelle Hatcher
Judge - Hennepin County

Judge Michelle Hatcher was appointed Jan. 18, 2019, by Governor Mark Dayton. Current terms expires Jan. 2021.

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Dannia Edwards  Judge - Dakota County-blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-blog-influencer
Dannia Edwards
Judge - Dakota County

Judge Dannia Edwards was appointed by Governor Tim Walz on Oct. 4, 2019. Current term expires Jan. 2021.

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Kimberly Willburn  Hennepin County CommissionerDistrict 6=blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-influencer-blogger
Kimberly Willburn
Hennepin County Commissioner District 6

 I am a mother, a wife, a veterinarian, a scientist, a community organizer, an activist, and a community member. The world has changed since I first announced my candidacy in December. 

The problems that have been highlighted by the pandemic and now the murder of George Floyd are not new. People have been crying out for decades, for longer, and their voices have largely gone unheard. We can no longer accept the status quo – it is literally killing people. Right now there is a lot of attention being paid to criminal justice and policing. But what happens months from now once the officers’ trials are complete.

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Zina Alston Fizer  Senate District 44-blackbloggersandcreators.com
I believe that “we all do better, when we all do better.” We must heal the rupture in the fabric of our state.   We must begin to use our political platforms and influence to “care for one another.” This will not happen overnight but, I am resolved to be a vessel of restoration, healing and understanding. 

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Marquita Stephens Senate District 53-blackbloggersandcreators.com-minneapolis-blog-influencer
Marquita Stephens
Senate District 53

Covid-19 has impacted all of us. Our connection to one another has never been more apparent than placing our health, indeed our life, in the hands of others. Together with the federal government, the state must prepare to insure all its residents have health care. We cannot survive in a pandemic where some people can contract the disease and spread it to others at will. We are indeed our brother’s keeper.

Systemic change, particularly that which regenerates access to resources, definition of value, and rights of citizenship must begin with an acknowledgement of harm and address race and ethnicity, gender and identity, and class — directly.  Social investment increases production. This makes Minnesota stronger.

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Ilhan Omar  Congress District 5-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Ilhan Omar
Congress District 5
In 2018, Ilhan was elected to Congress representing the Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota. In her first year in office, she successfully passed 16 bills and amendments through the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Ilhan introduced the Student Debt Cancellation Act to end the student debt crisis, Homes for All legislation to end the homelessness crisis, and legislation to tackle child hunger by making school meals universal. 

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Esther Agbaje  House District 59B-blackbloggersandcreators.com
 I’m running to be the State Representative for District 59B in Minneapolis.

The district is the heart of the city, from the vibrant communities of the North Side to the Hennepin County Medical Center and the Mississippi River. ​Together, we can build the inclusive and just society we deserve.

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Athena Hollins  House District 66B-blackbloggersandcreators.com
I’m running to be the State Representative for District 66B in St. Paul.

The status quo is no longer acceptable. We are living through historically urgent time that requires new thinking and bold action. New threats like COVID-19 have illuminated fundamental shortcomings that plague our society; while the horrific murder of George Floyd shines a spotlight on how our current elected leaders have failed our Black and Brown community members.

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Rena Moran
House District 65A
I am running to represent District 65A in the Minnesota House of Representatives to make sure that our community has a voice at the Capitol.

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Tiffini Flynn Forslund Congress District -blackbloggersandcreators.com
Tiffini Flynn Forslund
Congress District 

I am running for Minneapolis City Council Ward 6 because the future is now and having a community here, as a template for Minneapolis and America to follow, is my goal. As Langston Hughes said, America still needs to achieve freedom and rights for all: “America…the land that never has been yet.”

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Linda Garrett-Johnson City Council - Apple Valley-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Linda Garrett-Johnson
City Council - Apple Valley
Linda Garrett-Johnson will bring her diverse lived experiences and background in public policy, business, entrepreneurship, and community engagement to drive change to Apple Valley.Linda mission is to be a community-building representative of Apple Valley on the City Council

City Councils – Should speak for YOU

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Shirlynn LaChappelle
City Council - Maple Grove

 Leveling the playing fields in regards to health, housing, education, and employment disparities through collective actions. Housing is not only the American dream but a basic human need and right.

Learn more here | Press

Alfreda Prince Daniels  City Council - Brooklyn Center-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Alfreda Prince Daniels
City Council - Brooklyn Center
Alfreda is one of the co- founders of Black Immigrant Collective, an organization focused on elevating the voices of Black immigrants in Minnesota. 

My vision is to be a part of a growing and vibrant Brooklyn Center that engages all of our city’s residents. 

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Kerry Jo Felder  Minneapolis School Board - D2-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Kerry Jo Felder
Minneapolis School Board - D2

KerryJo Felder is a graduate of North High’s Summatech Program. She believes in giving our students an education that will prepare them for the future. Coming from poverty, she is insistent to make sure that there are adequate steps available for our children to succeed.

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Kim Ellison  Minneapolis School Board - At large-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Kim Ellison
Minneapolis School Board - At large

Kim Ellison is an at-large member of the Minneapolis Board of Education in Minnesota. Ellison assumed office in 2012. Ellison's current term ends in 2021.

Ellison is running for re-election for an at-large seat of the Minneapolis Board of Education in Minnesota. Ellison is on the ballot in the primary election on August 11, 2020.

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Helen Bassett  Robbinsdale School Board-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Helen Bassett
Robbinsdale School Board

Helen Bassett
 is an at-large representative on the Robbinsdale Area School Board in Minnesota. She was first elected to the board in November 2003

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Marquita Butler  City Council - Brooklyn Center-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Marquita Butler
City Council - Brooklyn Center

If re-elected, I want to provide a business-friendly community, where we can attract more sit down restaurants and amenities. Create an environmentally sustainable city and clean up the litter. Improve our neighborhoods, promote home-ownership, increase our housing stock (providing a range of affordable housing to luxury). 

Lastly, I will continue to amplify community voice, encouraging active and creative community engagement.

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Tanya Bransford  Judge - Hennenpin County-blackbloggersandcreators.com
Tanya Bransford
Judge - Hennenpin County

Tanya M. Bransford has served as a District Court Judge in Hennepin County District Court since 1994.  Her current term expires in January 2021.

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Juanita Freeman
Judge - Washington County
Judge Juanita Freeman was appointed Nov. 13, 2018, by Governor Mark Dayton. Current term expires Jan. 2021.

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It is time that we support our Black Politicians for us to start seeing the change we need. 

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Article by Hope James

Other sources:
List compiled Black Women Rising


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