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Elevated Career Services (ECS) was founded in 2018 with the idea to incorporate the organization's passion for equity, inclusion, diversity, and research about Minnesota's labor market focusing on the specific employment challenges those from under-served communities are faced with. 

ESC are focused on upskilling workers to market themselves for employment opportunities offering higher wages. 

According to Murray:
"We have a platform of over 2,000 self-guided courses in the following categories- IT, Health & Wellness, Leadership & Management, Office Productivity, Technology, and many other areas." 
Dominique Murray

About The CEO
In 2014, Dominique earned a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Human resources where she advanced her career from customer service to working in public service for Saint Paul Public Schools. She supported the day to day operations for approximately 400 employees, and 72 building locations. 

While employed, Dominique was appointed as the co-chair of the Facilities Department Racial Equity Team where she led equity efforts and developed an advisory board to address equity and diversity issues within the department. During this time, Dominique served as a union steward for one of the largest professional employee associations in public service, in which she was awarded the John F Blackstone Member Of The Year Award in 2016 for outstanding contributions to the Professional Employee Association

Dominique Murray is the President/CEO of Elevated Career Services. Throughout her career, Dominique has developed an expert knowledge in Human Resources, Customer Service, Technology, Training & Development, Operations & Maintenance, and Administration which contributed to her development as a nonprofit leader. While working, Dominique strive to develop new skills to set herself apart in the job market through education, work experience, and personal development. 

In 2018, Dominique graduated from Metropolitan State University with a 
Master's Degree in Public Administration. Currently, Dominique manages and administers the Local Government Pay Equity Program where she provides guidance and oversight for equitable compensation for males and female employees; covering 1,600 jurisdictions and more than 200,000 employees. 

Office Location and Services

The ECS office is located at 445 Minnesota Street Saint Paul, MN 55101 suite 1500. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 in-person services are available by appointment only. 

Computer Workstations are available for use Mon-Fri from 9:00 am-2:00 pm- there is a maximum time allotment of 3 hours per person; please call ahead for same-day reservations (651-42-0390). In the ESC office, you will have access to a printer/scanner, internet, and several resources to assist you with your professional or personal development goals. 

Each month ESC offers free access to one course per month for 10 participants. For July, ESC is offering free access to a self-guided training- Forex A-Z. Access to the training will be provided based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Signup starts Friday, June 26th!

The following low-cost/donation-based services are available to employers and job seekers:
  • Recruiting Services (employers)- Access to a diverse, qualified talent community
  • Personalized Career Portfolio- Set yourself apart by showcasing your unique talents and skills
  • Virtual Career Consultation- Get help creating your career plan and SMART goals 
To signup for a course or to get more information about other services, please send an email to info@ecs-careers.com

Follow @elevatedcareersvcs on Instagram to stay current with course offerings, and other services! 

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