Meet KellyAnn Dawson,Jamaican-American Writer and Financial Advisor

Meet KellyAnn Dawson, she is a 25 yr old Jamaican-American writer and financial advisor. She loves fashion and the Art

Who is KellyAnn Dawson?
"I am an artiste more than anything. I am a rapper, a dancer, a writer, style enthusiast and I am also an advocate positive mental health. "

Her culture and faith definitely influence her day to day life and her overall image. She hope one day to own a “safe space” for young boys and girls to come and express themselves through art and also spiritual encouragement. Also, she will like to own a creative space for adults with the same sentiments. 

Her final statement:
"Whether I achieve this or touch someone through my writing or music. I want something I did to impact people now and forever. Hoping they see a little or a me of God in both them and I."

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