Get Right: Holistic Wellness connect on Facebook Live-stream on March 21,2020

Join the "GET RIGHT" panel discussion online on March 21, 2020 streaming live on Facebook Group. Make sure to share the live stream link with your networks and other interested participants.

With suicide, drug use, cyber-bullying and mass shootings targeting minorities all the time. It is important to create spaces where people can come together to talk openly, to make meaning, and to find support for traversing these experiences. Unfortunately, in the Twin Cities, common barriers for people of color are finding quality spaces, wellness centers or programs that cater to their unique needs, experiences, which could be a matter of life and death.

 In the spring of 2020, the following organizations, " Build Wealth MN’s Youth Stabilization Project, To M33CH His Own Productions, Shanell McCoy and TELLA Productions" plan to launch Twin Cities first-ever “Get Right Holistic Wellness" event to help create a safe space for millennials. The “Get Right” Facebook Live-stream discussion will focus on areas that are stigmatized in minority communities. This event encourages fellowship, networking and provides resources for youth in search of support. 
Meet The Host & Panelists

Shanell McCoy (Host) 
Shanell McCoy (Host) is a digital media creative from Minneapolis with a voice for podcasts and music. With the release of Free Beats Mixtape, self-produced music videos, and the rise of the Singlehood podcast, she uses her art to start conversations and motivate others in their healing journeys. She is an active advocate for self-care, healthy relationships and informed mental health. 

Demitri McGee (M.A) 
Demitri McGee (M.A) is currently the Youth Director at Build Wealth MN. A part of his duties includes coordinating and facilitating youth programs in schools, financial coaching, facilitating financial workshops and hosting events. His goal in youth programming is to mitigate generational poverty for undeserved communities and to prevent youth from financial hardship by equipping them with the knowledge to elicit financial freedoms and create generational wealth.

Demitri graduated Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota, with a Masters Degree in Family Social Sciences and a focus on African American Families and Finances. He received his bachelor's from the University of Minnesota in Psychology with a minor in Leadership. He also studied at La Fundacion Instituto Spiral in Madrid, Spain and the HBCU Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. He uses his various sources of education to understand diverse perspectives and create quality and effective programming for undeserved communities. 

Demitri aka artist M33CH (pronounced Meech) is also the CEO of To M33CH His Own Productions. This production company strives to motivate urban youth by providing positive products and high-quality services. M33CH has performed music all over the Twin Cities as well as being active in film, featuring in movies that include, ‘This or That’, ‘Suspect?’, ‘What a Shame’, etc. M33CH has also hosted and coordinated events throughout the twin cities, getting his start at the tender age of 11 hosting school talent shows. 

Larry Tucker Jr., M.A.
Larry Gene Tucker Jr. (LJ) believes that we are a product of our environment. Our well-being lies within the relationships we build in our community. “It’s when our mental, physical, and spiritual self align that we can continue to grow as individuals and a community.” LJ recognizes that growth comes from overcoming the challenges we face in our life experiences and that we all possess the ability to guide us through those challenges.

LJ has been a facilitator for youth groups and families for 4 years and has practiced therapy for a year. He has built a trusting relationship with middle and high school students as well as juvenile young men. His goal in the youth groups is to embrace cultural differences through the desire for learning truth, knowledge, and self-identity. Working with families is also a huge part of LJ’s passion. “Our first support system starts at home, where the foundation for relationships begins.” LJ believes that once we are able to grasp this concept, our families become one of our greatest tools.

LJ is a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He received his Bachelor’s degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato in Business Marketing. His goal is to help everyone discover their superpowers by exploring deep within using an integrative approach.

Monique Adams,M.A
 Monique Adams (M.A) currently owns two businesses; Mo ‘s Fitness which is personal training service. My second business is Vision Bodi Beauty Spa which focuses on non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for the body. Vision Bodi also offers life coaching services.These businesses work together as a circle of wholeness to help train the mind. I am also a therapist and work with families with children diagnosed with FASD or autism. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine.

Cearah Hamilton  is a St. Paul native who is a trailblazer in her own right. Her creativity and leadership unfold in many different ways such as hosting on KMOJ radio, artist & project management, public relations, local politics, social media content creation and consulting business. She manages her own mentorship program for young girls. Read more here.

This online discussion will allow youth participation and promote local businesses, organizations, etc. Due to concerns about the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Get Right Panel Discussion will be Live-stream on Facebook. Throughout the live stream, panelists will engage with the community online and give multiple opportunities for participants to win prizes. Join the "GET RIGHT" conversation online on March 21, 2020 streaming live on Facebook Group.

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