How to Create a Greater Level of Financial Security with Kenya Neely

Financial Freedom is the first step you can take to make your dreams for the future a reality. How many of you have a financial plan? Do you currently have a plan to help you reach your financial goals? You are not alone, if you do not have one!

Meet Kenya Neely a Credit Restoration Specialist from San Diego, California. She is passionate about seeing others better themselves financially. She own and operate a Credit Restoration Business that help people get approved for Home Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans, etc in all 50 states.  She offer Financial Literacy by enrolling her clients through the UCES protection plan membership.

Financial services include : Credit Restoration, Credit Attorney, Will, Trust, POA, Budgeting, Debt Payoff, Credit Monitoring, Financial Lock box, Identity Monitoring, Credit Builder, Net Worth, and Saving Goals.

How does the UCES protection plan work ?
1. Enroll on UCES Protection Plan
2. A credit specialist will develop a plan that suit you.
3. It will take 45-90 days for complete Credit Restoration.

For more questions, CONNECT with Kenya :
Phone : 619 820 3186
Email :

Photo : Provided by Kenya Neely
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