#TrickorTreat 8 Best Halloween Costumes Popular on Instagram

Did you experience any doorbell ring for "Trick or Treat " yesterday?

I forgot it was Halloween yesterday. I was too busy figuring out the ten thousand tasks I had to complete. At 7 pm I finally got the opportunity to rest my brain. I was so excited to eat dinner when all of a sudden my doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door, all I heard was Trick and Treat. I was standing in front of four kids with NO candy to give [yikes]. I did not want to disappoint them so I ran upstairs grabbed my wallet and dropped $1 or $2 in each of their Halloween buckets. The sad part is that my doorbell kept ringing. Can a girl eat in peace?

 Later that evening, I found myself exploring Instagram. Then, I came up with the best eight "Trick and Treat" Halloween costumes from your favorite celebrities. 

#1 Ciara and Russell Wilson killed it!
Is there another word for kill ? When I saw this I started screaming "YASSSSSSSSS". Ciara is my alter ego, we see each other [period]. The Obamas, Jayz and Beyonce are very proud!

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#2 LALA 
When I saw LaLa as Manificient (mistress of evil), I immediately started looking for the movie (I am not joking). She did that for sure!

#3 Nicki Minaj &  Kenneth Petty

#4 Diddy- I just love this video

#5 Cardi B as Poison Ivy

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#6 Megan Thee Stallion and Jordyn Woods

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#7 Gabriel Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade

#8 Blackish Cast

What do you think?

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