Meet Nazsare English- Beauty, Creative Entrepreneur & Branding

Photo Credit : Taken from Nazsare Instagram
Nazsare English is just a girl who found her passion by doing something she had no interest in. She quit her 9-5 job and took a leap of FAITH to pursue her career path. Nazsare spent a lot of time educating herself on beauty and branding. 

She continues to develop herself by learning new trends and techniques. We are happy to have her as a panelist to discuss ways to increase visibility for black creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners in Minnesota.

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Over the years, she has managed to build a solid clientele and loyal following on her social media platforms. She is a co-founder of NEXT CONNECT MN
Photo credit : Taken from Nazsare Instagram
"I truly enjoy sharing her story! It's crazy because she has never really had any formal training on any of the services she offers. I say that to let everyone know that, you honestly can do anything you set your mind to do!”

She is the founder of GIRL BOSS HUSTLE, the mission is to ensure women and girls understand they can be entrepreneurs and to recognize their innate ability to execute and conquer any goals set. We aim to encourage young girls and women to be their own BOSS and to approach positions of power boldly. 

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Photo Credit : Taken from Nazsare Instagram
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