Meet Cearah Hamilton- Radio Personality

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” 
-Oprah Winfrey

Cearah Hamilton is a St. Paul native who is a trailblazer in her own right. She is one of our panelists for our upcoming event "Brunch + Panel Discussion" on September 28th at The Riveter Minneapolis. 
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Her creativity and leadership unfold in many different ways such as hosting on KMOJ radio, artist & project management, public relations, local politics, social media content creation and consulting business. She manages her own mentorship program for young girls.

Cearah desires to truly make a positive impact in the world, which motivates her to use every gift and talent she has to step outside of the box and CREATE change! 

Cearah Hamilton hopes to inspire others to release themselves to be free to explore all that they have to offer the world and live in their purpose.

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Edited by Hope James 

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