Recap : MN Twin Cities Natural Hair & Beauty Expo Event

Founded by Kelley Eubanks of “Fro Real; No Lye” and Tephanie DeLaney of “Hair Hunny”.

The 3rd Annual Twin Cities Natural Hair and Beauty Expo had lots of vendors, amazing workshops and panel discussions. Telaphine Delaney and Kelley Eubanks created this expo to honor women and provide a relateable space for natural beauties to embrace themselves in Minnesota. It was recorded that there were 1,500 people in attendance, which included other black-owned businesses that flew in to attend this year's event.

The mission is to provide women of color in the Twin Cities with a comprehensive and unique networking outlet. Each event, we set out to accomplish the mission of up-lifting and empowering women. We believe in creating exposure opportunities for local businesses and national businesses; providing products and services for women.
The organizers are drawing awareness for cultural representation in MN and simultaneously providing small businesses an opportunity to be SEEN! If you missed it, HUNNI I got you covered! Watch the video below.
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Panel Discussion on Natural Hair, Beauty and Blogging & Marketing

The Twin Cities Natural Hair & Beauty Expo sponsored and provided ticket giveaways on @blackbloggersandcreatorsmn Instagram.

Here are the winners : Maya Explains, Esther James & Brianna Carey

#swipe #giveawaywinners August 8th is here...Drumroll🥁🥁🥁... 🏆The 🥇winner for @twincitiesnaturalhair giveaway is👇🏾 Maya Clark, IG @mayaexplains, she is the CEO of @culturepiecemag in MN. We love her gorgeous pictures. This is what she had to say about her hair routine, read below👇🏾 #Repost ........................ ”It’s crazy how many women AND men ask me how I do my hair lmao! Truth is, I barely do anything to it at all! The waves in my hair are honestly just naturally there but here are the things I do to enhance it: My daily routine consists of generously adding cheap Suave conditioner in the shower & leaving that in for about 10 minutes. Once I finish the shower, I add a little more of the Suave to my hair as a leave in. Then I add a GENEROUS amount of Eco Styler gel to my hair & brush! (I wash my hair nearly everyday so that’s why I’m able to use the eco style so often without it doing any damage). After that I just style my baby hair with more Eco Styler & I’m done! *Since I dye my hair so much I make sure that I’m cutting my hair off every month or so to start fresh & make sure I’m not damaging my hair. I also never wash my hair with anything besides conditioner. I shampoo maybe once every 5-6 months to be honest. ” Photographs by @sunkissvisuals. We will DM your ticket details @twincitiesnaturalhairexpo . #twincitiesnaturalhairexpo #giveaway #winner #mayaexplains #culturepiecemag #beinggiftedandblack #bmbbmc
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