Meet Nazsare English- Branding & Marketing, Beauty and many more in MN!

Meet Nazsare English, she focuses on Branding and Marketing, Beauty, Website design, photography, etc. Check out her website to learn more. Nazsare is the true definition of what it means to be a girl boss in Minneapolis. Watch her video below about how to develop a girl boss's habits.

Her Instagram: @mkupbynaz @pixbynaz .

May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary 🌈 . Finally made it to 10k 😭! This was one of my goals for the second quarter and I did it.. but honestly YALL DID it. I can’t believe I have 10 thousand people who skip through my stories and act like they don’t see my post 😂😂 but for real.... the people who are constantly requesting certain post and hyping me up on a bad day.. I appreciate you all! This may not be much to y’all but it’s everything to me! These post take so much time to create and it makes me so happy that you enjoy my content 💪🏾 , thank you. . . P.s , nah I ain’t buy none of yall 😏💪🏾 - #organicgrowth . #roadto10k #10kcelebration #10kfollowers #secondquarter2019 . #girlbosshustle #fempreneur #girlbossgoals #girlpower #bossbabe #dreamersanddoers #trustyourjourney #hustlehardgirl #grlpwr #girlbosslife #girlceo #womeninbiz #selfcare #therapyforblackgirls #moodboard #empoweringwomen #empowering #collaborationovercompetition #womenempowerment #girlbossonthego #bloggervibes #brandingproject #fashionaddict #brandinginspiration #bloggersgetsocial
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Check out the Girl Boss Habits
Youtube channel : mkupbynaz

About this video:
What's up GIRL BOSS Hustlers! I have been sitting on this video for almost a month now. I'm so excited to share my tips on how to get right with yourself and your business! I hope you enjoy it :) All of the tips I've shared in this video are based off of my own personal experiences! I hope you can use these!
Written by Nazsare English

Nazsare English
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Phone # 651 285 0198

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