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Kasim Abdur Razzaq is a social architect & Counseling.  He is trained in the disciplines of human behavior and social systems.  Kasim has a passion to improve the human condition, develop a social theory for the Black experience and impact systems throughout the world to ensure Black wellness. Kasim is motivated by finding ways to support and improve the human condition and the society he lives in.

Mission & Values
Abdur Razzaq counseling and social architecture exists to protect inherent human dignity, to promote the highest level of personal wellness and to support the self-actualization of human potential.

AR counseling and social architecture serves at the micro, mezzo and macro levels through the service models of Counseling (individual, couples, family and group therapy), Speaking engagements (keynote addresses, TEDx talks, and organizational presentations), and Social Architecture (workshops, strategic planning, and organizational change). 

As an organization we believe in the power of people. We specialize in creating spaces that ignite, harness and maximize individual and collective efforts to achieve goals. Each area of our service model is designed to understand and meet the particular needs of each client/organizational system as they exist either within a familial, cultural, organizational, and or societal context.

 AR counseling and social architecture is committed to the use of a social justice lens and a philosophy of “conscious discomfort” as we empower our clients to gain mastery of the growth zone

Counseling & Social Architecture accepts the following methods of payment
• Cash
• Check
• Credit
• Insurance reimbursement 

Therapy Rates
 • Intake/Diagnostic Assessment $245.00/hour
 • Individual, couples, family therapy $220.00/hour

 Sliding Scale Fee
 * Please contact A&R counseling for information.
 • Clients receiving therapy services may choose out of pocket payment or fee for service as an alternative to medical insurance billing. Payment is due upon receipt of services or as specified by AR Counseling & Social Architecture personnel. 

Currently accepting the following insurances as in Network provider for Counseling services: 
• Blue Cross Blue Shield 
• Blue Plus • MHCP
 • Ucare 
• HealthPartners 
• UBH/Medica

Contact :


Instagram : @kasthearchitect 
Email : kasim@razzaqcounseling.com 

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