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announced that the Founder and General Overseer, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya
will be holding a two days deliverance crusade in Minnesota. [Read more] 

Meet Talaya Kobinski, she resigned from Corporate America 4 years ago to start her own business as a Nail Technician. Check out her interview below!

1.) Tell us a bit about yourself.

TataI’m going to answer this question with 7 fun facts
•Born and raised in MN
•Oldest of 5
•Cancer to the fullest
•“Girl” is used in all my conversations at least 40+ times
•Definitely a people person
•I watch horror films in the daytime, so my anxiety is on chill by the time the sun goes down
•My favorite number is 7.

2.) How did you start 7even Fingers? 

Tata : About 4 years ago, I had my Oprah moment (revelation). I was going to a local nail shop for a while and I was never  satisfied. The straw that broke the camels back, was not been able to speak up when I was dissatisfied with my manicure and Pedicure service. I felt like I wasn’t in an environment that allowed me to speak up and my concerns were not addressed properly. I remember once saying something. The whole nail shop stopped!! All the nail techs came over and they started looking at my hands and feet, and they spoke amongst themselves in their native language. I felt completely out of the loop on what was being discussed. I walked out unhappy, to say the least. Then I walked my butt right into Sally’s! Decided that if I want my hands or feet done like how I feel like they should, then I will do them myself. Prior to my Oprah moment,I always had an interest for things beauty related. But my interest in hands and feet went back to the 90's when my mom took me to the nail shop with her. She allowed me to get acrylics and I was so fascinated with the whole process. I wanted to do it myself, right away! One time my mom gave me 20 bucks. I took that money and went to Walgreen and bought my first Kiss set. I was probably in there for an hour gazing over all my options. I went home and  got my nails done. This was way before YouTube, my memory was the only thing that could help guide me through the process. It was not that difficult for me, I just remember being super meticulous about the whole process. 
7even Finger’s origin definitely manifested the day my mother took me with her to the nail shop.
Unknowingly to me, many years later, that seed she unconsciously planted inside of me would grow into what it is now.

3.) What kind of services do you offer at 7even Fingers? What is your price point?

Tata: I offer Custom Signature Manicures and Pedicures. My primary focus is making people feel safe, comfortable and  free to be themselves while getting serviced. I’m a huge advocate for people who think they can’t get their hands and feet done because of their appearance. We ALL deserve to have our hands and feet taken care of. 

In the future I plan on servicing people's interest in Gel X. This is a hybrid of press-on nails. They are a healthier option than acrylics. Also, it will last a customer up to 4 weeks!!! 

Besides taking care of people's hands and feet, I want provide safe and healthy options for my customers. This is extremely important to me.

4.) Do you offer services to only women? 

Tata: Absolutely NOT! I welcome ALL. I really would like to see more men take care of their hands and feet. Men tend to do more hard labor with their hands and stand on their feet the most, but do not take time to take care of themselves (as most women do). I hope that I can pull back some of that stigma associated with men getting their hands and feet serviced in a nail salon.

5.) How can people contact you?

My Instagram handle is @Anything4Ta7aya
Phone: 651-529-4032
Book Appointmentshttps://www.vagaro.com/7even

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Article by HJ
Video : Shot and edited by HJ
Photo: Hope James
Hope James (BMBBMC Founder on your left),  Teresa Esler ( The Riveter community leader in the middle) & Brianna Carey (BMBBMC event co-coordinator on the right)
Black Bloggers & Creatives (BMBBMC) hosted Brunch & Panel Discussion in Minneapolis on September 28th 2019. This event was sponsored by The Riveter Minneapolis, a perfect space for co-working and hosting [your NEXT] events in Minneapolis.

Watch event video

Guests arriving

Guests in the queue for Brunch Buffet @ The Riveter Minneapolis 
Brunch @ The Riveter Minneapolis

About The Riveter MPLS

Brianna C., BMBBMC Event Coordinator & Lisa, BMBBMC Event Sales Rep
We were happy to have partnered up with The Riveter MPLS, with the help of the community leader Teresa Esler and event coordinator, Jamie FischerThe Riveter is a national membership network of community, content, resources and co-working spaces, built by women for everyone. The Riveter Minneapolis space was uniquely built to meet the needs of the community, home to 15 Fortune 500 companies and one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial scenes in the Midwest. The Riveter MPLS offer space for individuals and entrepreneurs just starting out, as well as larger office spaces for startups.


All guests received a Riveter Tote bag that contained a free day pass, Riveter brochures and other items 

1. What is "The Riveter"?
Answer: The Riveter is a national membership network focused on equity of opportunity for all. We offer community, content, resources and co-working spaces, built by women for everyone. 
2. How did it begin?
Answer: Amy Nelson, CEO and founder, left her career as a lawyer to start her own business just after having her second daughter. While preparing to launch her own business she ended up at co-working spaces and found
that a majority of them felt overly masculine and didn’t provide the tools
and connections she wanted and needed. She created The Riveter to offer a space with women in mind first, but that is devoutly inclusive of all from day one. 
3. Why did The Riveter choose to expand in Minneapolis? 
Answer: Minnesota was a key location when identifying what states we wanted in our national expansion plan. We chose Minneapolis because we know that it has a thriving startup community and is a growing hub for female founders and entrepreneurs. We’re so honored to be part of this amazing network of individuals and are thrilled to finally be opening our doors to the public here. 
4. How can people become members of The Riveter? 
Christian Miller, BMBBMC event Photographer

Answer: Becoming a member is easy. We have various membership options, which you can learn about by visiting our local Edina location or visiting our website theriveter.co.

5. What are the benefits of being a member at The Riveter? 
Answer: We offer a variety of benefits including flexible membership programs, private or open-concept work spaces, a mother’s room, programming and workshops with expert speakers, 24-hour access and more. 

Andre  (Ig: @dreskii_live),
 BMBBMC Event Personnel

6. What differentiates The Riveter from other co-working spaces

Answer: We are built with inclusivity at our core and see a world in which equity of opportunity in work and business is not a promise, but is a reality—and that’s core to what we’re building. We’re committed to providing best-in-class professional and personal development programming, world-class events, robust membership, and collaborative workspaces to help everyone accelerate their companies, their careers and their lives.

The Food & Drinks

The BMBBMC Brunch Food  meals were homemade by Hope James and Gigi Gorpu, Pancakes was sponsored by Perkins and Drinks was mixed by Brianna Carey.

Food Menu : Jollof Rice, Fried Eggs, Baked Bread, Fried Plantains, Cooked yam with garnished broccoli, Cupcakes from Sams Club, Vegetables (Greens),  Grilled meat and chicken, and salad.

Drinks: Water, Orange Juice, Mimosa and others.

The Brunch & The people

The Brunch setting was amazing and all our attendees enjoyed their meals and drinks. Some people even went home with some leftovers. It was an opportunity to introduce  Krishawna Blessed Campaign to the audience during brunch time. Food and Music is a perfect MIX for any event! Do you concur?

 Krishawna #Blessed Campaign

PRESS : Minnesota Spokesman -Recorder

Tiffany Johnson, a contributing writer from Minnesota Spokesman Recorder News coordinated the interview section. Read full article at Linking businesses with black creativity .

Moderator & The Panelists

Edgard-Pepin Konde, Entrepreneur

Karl Benson,
President of MN Black Chambers of Commerce

Honorary Jackson K. George, Jr
Liberian Consulate & President of Strategic Africa



 Cearah Hamilton
KMOJ FM Radio Personality



The Panelist Discussion

Increasing The Visibility For Black Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Black Owned Businesses
Our guest were amazed by the unique panelists and what they had to say concerning the topic. The discussion was focused on how to increase black visibility in different industries in Minnesota. 
The goal of  the Black Minnesota Chambers is to connect black businesses in Minnesota to the resources they need to take their businesses to the next level. -Karl Benson
Some people think you need money to start a business. No ! You need an idea, because once you have an idea you can focus on it and have a commitment. And there is something called the Law of attraction. If you believe in it, you love it, you work it, it will attract the people to help you do what you need done.  That is why I focus on, you sleep with it, you get up with it  and you leave with it.  With the Law of Attraction, you will attract the people that will help you move on! -Honorary Jackson K. George, Jr.

When Black People were forced to come here against our will and stripped of our culture, we had to create a culture. That's the most creative thing ever. -Cearah Hamilton
 When I started my business, I had to make sacrifice and adjust my lifestyle to fund my business to success. -Kimberly Holifield
Entrepreneurship is hard but I have to take a look at my WHY everyday.- Nazsare English


To Rent The Riveter Minneapolis

Contact Jamie Fischer  Events Manager
Phone: 612.910.2627 | Email : jamie.fischer@theriveter.co

Written by Hope James
Videographers : Hope James & Bennie Randle
Video edited by Hope James
Photographers : Augustus, Christine Miller, & Joci

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